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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why isn't my favorite station on the list?
We get much of our information from the FCC. Sometimes the FCC doesn't update it's public databases promptly when a station signs on the air, or changes it's callsign. If you think a station is missing from our website, please write to webmaster to let us know about it. Any details about the station that you can provide (call sign, frequency, location, website) will make it easier for us to fix the problem.
2. Can you send me a list of email addresses for all the radio stations on your list?
We do not maintain an email list. You might try RadioMall, they have a number of different email list products.
3. I submited a URL for a radio station several weeks ago, but it hasn't been updated yet. What's the deal?
We occasionally get a bit behind with our updates. We try to review every submission within a couple of weeks. If a few weeks go by and your submission does not appear on our site, please write to the webmaster at: webmaster.
4. Can you send me a list of radio stations near my city?
No. To find a list of radio stations near your city, please use the Radio Station Locator. Just type in the name of your city and it will do the rest.
5. Can you list my radio show on your list?
No. We list radio stations, not radio programs.
6. Can you list a radio network on your list?
No. We list radio stations, not radio networks.
7. Can you list shortwave radio stations on your list?
No. This site is for "broadcast" radio stations, which in the United States means AM and FM stations only. In Europe and other parts of the world, the distinction between broadcast stations and shortwave is less clear, so some international shortwave stations may appear on the site.
8. Can you list "Internet-only" radio stations on your list?
No. This site is currently for "terrestrial" broadcast radio stations.
9. How do I listen to those stations that are broadcasting their signal on the Internet?
Look on the station's website. Many of them have basic instructions for how to listen to their streams.
10. Can you list which audio format each station is using to broadcast its signal on the Web?
We hope to be able to do this in the near future. Stay tuned!
11. Can you help me? I'm trying to find a friend of mine who a). works at another radio station somewhere, b). lives in another country.
No. We have no idea how to reach such people. You might try ham radio operators. Many of them enjoy trying to locate people around the world.
12.Can you send me the phone numbers and postal addresses of all of the radio stations in my area?
No. We do not have such a list at this time. You might try RadioMall, they have a number of radio database products.
13.How do you make those cool maps that show the coverage areas of the radio stations?
We have a special Coverage Maps FAQ to answer questions about our coverage maps.
15. Hey! none of your links work!
Are you looking at the right website? Due to the dynamic nature of the World Wide Web, there will always be a few links that don't work that we have not yet been able to repair or replace. However, most of them should work without any problems. Be aware, however, that there are a few individuals out there who have copied our list of radio stations to their own web sites and have since neglected to update those lists. Some of these sites have not been updated in years, and most of the links on those sites do not work. Stay away from those sites. The correct URL for this site is:

If your question was not answered here, please write to: webmaster.

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